Spicy Caribbean Wings ₱179

Spicy Carribean Wings Fernandopizza Menu

Garlic Barbeque Wings ₱179

Garlic Barbecue Fernandopizza Menu

Honey Parmesan Wings ₱179

Honey Parmesan Wings Fernandopizza

Fries ₱59

Fries fernandopizza menu

Twister Fries ₱69

Twister Fries fernandopizza menu

Pizza dessert - available soon




Fernando’s Pizza is a newly established pizzeria in the City of San Fernando. Knowing that Pampanga is the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, the company chose Pampanga as the strategic location of the pizzeria to challenge the food critics of the country. Kapampangan’s are known for their passion when it comes to food preparation, thus Fernando’s Pizza aims to be equally passionate and dedicated in providing the best quality and the best tasting pizza from the sauce to its dough.

It is the company’s desire to deliver the best pizza right at your doorstep or you may opt to dine in with us without the guilt of sacrificing a portion of your budget just to indulge yourself to a pizza treat.

We at Fernando’s Pizza will provide the best pizza at a very affordable price!